First Annual Great Kindness Challenge at Washington County Elementary School

Press Release: 1/29/18
Written by: Amy Hoover, principal at WCES

Washington County Elementary School participated for the first time in the Great Kindness Challenge. The Great Kindness Challenge is one week devoted to performing as many acts of kindness as possible at school. Using the provided checklist of 50 kind acts, students accept the challenge and show the world that KINDNESS MATTERS. Over 10 million students worldwide participate in this challenge.

The Great Kindness Challenge event was organized by the WCES 6th grade Ambassadors: Ella Dusin, Kealey Helms, Carson Kearn, Talena McClellan, Lillee Richard, and Kiersten Tholstrup, The week included kindness quotes of the day, paper strips for each kindness act to make one long school-wide paper chain, and a food drive for the Washington County Food Pantry. The week concluded with a Kindness Buddy Celebration. All students were partnered up in order to participate in four kindness stations: making kindness grocery sacks to be used at Kiers Grocery Store, doing a crumpled heart lesson to learn how words hurt, watching inspirational “Kid President” videos, and playing a kindness buddy toss.

WCES students performed over 2000 acts of kindness at school during this week long event. The students brought in over 1200 food items for the food drive.