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Kansas Vision for Eduation

A NEW VISION FOR KANSAS EDUCATION…… Kansas leads the world in the success of each student.  In January 2016, the Kansas State Board of Education announced a new vision and five outcomes for determining the effectiveness of education systems in the state.  Part of this new vision is defining the qualities of a successful Kansas high school graduate:  A successful Kansas high school graduate has the . . .

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NOW Hiring!!

Transportation Director, JH Cheer Sponsor, JH/HS Teacher

Posted June 21, 2017: Job Title : Transportation Director with outside maintenance duties. Job Description Job Description :​ USD 108 is seeking applications for a Transportation Director  with o utside m aintenance duties.  Individual must be able to lift and complete physical labor activities as well as coordinate bus route information and perform supervisory duties.  The . . .

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Denise O’Dea, USD 108 Superintendent

            If you are like me, you find it hard to believe that the 2016-17 school year is already over.  Where has the time gone??  With the ending of school comes the beginning of the “lazy” days of summer.  For kids, summer means days of swimming and nights playing ball or catching fireflies.  Summer means vacation time with the family to re-connect with some much needed quality time.  It also means staying out and up later at night, and (maybe) sleeping later in the mornings.  However, summer should not mean that academics should be thrown out the window.

            Just because it is summertime, please do not put learning on the backburner!  Summer is a prime time to check out our local library and get started on all those books you and your child have been planning to read.

              Keeping your child reading during the summer months is extremely important, as students in the primary grades can lose almost nine weeks of learning during the summer break.  Those who teach in the primary grades can tell you with certainty which students read over the summer and which students did not read over the summer. 

            Research will also show that students in the upper elementary grades and beyond are also impacted by the amount of reading they complete during the summer months.  The research has proven that taking long breaks from schooling can have detrimental effects to the learning process.

            So, what can be done to combat the lost effect of the learning that has taken place over the course of a school year?  The easiest, cheapest, and quickest thing for parents to do is READ to or with their kids.  Reading is a basic skill required for all future and continued learning.  Yet, reading is not just something to be learned, it is something to be enjoyed.  Parents’ encouragement and support of reading in the home plays a significant role in developing positive learning models.

            The following list provides suggestions for parents who wish to support or develop independent reading skills for their child:

  • Read to and with your child.  Don’t stop because your child is old enough to read.
  • Make regular visits to the City Library.  Enroll your child in the summer library reading program.  Help your child find books on topics of interest.
  • Set aside part of your child’s room or your home as a child’s library.
  • Play all types of games that promote reading.
  • Buy books for your child’s birthday or special holidays.  Ownership encourages interest.
  • Praise your child’s efforts and accomplishments in reading.  If a child feels good about his/her reading, it is more likely that reading will be viewed as a positive activity.
  • Make reading easy.  If the TV is within reach, make books just as easy for your child to access.
  • If your family rules permit, summer is the perfect time to relax bedtime rules and allow your child to stay up late in bed reading.  Let him/her use a flashlight under the covers (if he/she wants).  Remember how hard it was to put a good book down at bedtime?  That same excitement awaits your child.
  • For the very early reader, make your whole house a reading lesson.  Make labels for everything your child sees or uses:  door, wall, sofa, bed, etc.
  • Following a recipe together is an excellent way to give your child reading practice.
  • Be a good role model.  Let your child know you think reading is important by demonstrating that reading is a part of your everyday life. 

            Finally, if all else fails, follow the advice of Robert Frost:  When asked how youngsters could best be taught to read, he replied, “Surround them with so many books they stumble over them.”

Here’s to a great summer break for all our USD 108 families!

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