Tuesday, October 17 found over 100 students and teachers from Washington County High School performing multiple acts of community service in the communities of Greenleaf, Morrowville, and Washington. FBLA members Luke Gauby, Britany Metz, and Tyler Roepke spearheaded the committee. The students contacted city council members from each of the 5 communities in the district for projects and then divided the student body and teachers into groups.

  • Mr. John Kern & Mr. Robert Smith’s group traveled to Greenleaf and painted parking lines, cleaned up trash around Main Street, around the clubhouse and city park. The kids worked very hard and showed great Tiger Grit. 

  • Mr. Jay Kearn’s group pulled weeds, and re-mulched (7 loader buckets) at the Theater Garden in Washington. The kids worked very hard and had fun doing the work...It is a great community project!

  • Mr. Scott Romeiser and Mr. David Navinsky traveled to Morrowville and trimmed trees, picked up the park, stained/waterproofed the concession stand and gazebo.

  • Mr. Jamie Koster & Mrs. Janel Peterson’s group picked up, raked, and spread evenly rubber mulch on all 3 playgrounds on the WCHS campus. They also edged, scraped, swept and hauled away sand, trash, and asphalt debris from the curbs on the south part of the preschool and around to the track.

  • Mrs. Lisa Zabokrtsky’s group painted the front entry to Friendly Corners and pulled weeds, etc.

  • Ms. Karen Hasker’s group washed and detailed busses, swept sidewalks and worked to also clean the street curbs in front of the bus barn.

  • Colonial Acres also benefited with the help of Mrs. Erin Toole’s group with weed eating, sweeping, and general yard cleanup.

  • Ms. Sara Vytlacil’s group cleaned up the creek by dam and campgrounds of trash and weeds.

  • Ms. Enyart & Mrs. Michelle Bruna’s group picked a pack of October pumpkins and made a positive difference! Stop by the front entryway of WCHS and look at the great landscape design the students came up with! It is amazing! The group worked on organizing the play closets, helped the custodians move tables and painted hopscotch for the preschool.

Since the junior high students had classes, Mrs. Goeckel, Mrs. Heuer, Mrs. Nelson, and Mrs. Savage graciously stayed at school and kept the classes. This project allows the students to give back to the communities that support them in their variety of activities.