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Student Surveys

Kansas Communities That Care Student Survey Summary -- All modules will be administered.

mySAEBRS Survey:

Questions that will be on the survey are available here:

mySAEBRS is taken by students in grades 2-12 and takes approximately 5 minutes to complete. mySAEBRS (my Social, Academic, and Emotional Behavior Risk Screener) is a brief, norm-referenced tool for screening students to identify those who are at risk for social-emotional behavior (SEB) problems. mySAEBRS is one of the only SEB universal screening tools built to align with a dual-factor model of student social-emotional functioning, which asserts that mental health should be defined by both the absence of problem behaviors and symptomatology (e.g., internalizing and externalizing behaviors) and the presence of well-being and competencies (e.g., social-emotional skills).

We believe this survey is a valuable tool because mySAEBRS can be used to identify students who are at risk for social, academic, and emotional behaviors up to five times a year. By evaluating in which of the three specific domains a student is at risk, we may determine what type of supports are most appropriate and which problem behaviors should be prioritized through intervention. For instance, if a student is only at risk for emotional problems, then we may decide to target emotional behaviors via the application of social-emotional learning (SEL) programs.

Other Important Items:

1. Participation is voluntary and your child may decline to participate.

2. mySAEBRS may be completed using a computer or tablet. Ratings correspond to the frequency of various behaviors in the previous month (Never, Sometimes, Often, Almost Always).

3. Participation is important. This data is extremely helpful in identifying needs and providing timely support and resources.

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