Tricia Gauby, first grade. Steel Drying rack for art 149.00

Amy Hoover and Vicki Enyart. Projector for cafeteria 927.65

Noreen Rundle, 2nd grade. Generation Genius subscription 120.00

Misty Baker, 4th grade. Sum Dog subscription 290.00

Annie Yungeberg, preschool. STEM materials 233.97

Tina Savage, 7-12 science. Static electricity generator 300.74

Jay Kearn, 7-9 math. Material caddy for classroom tables 595.19

Charlotte Cardenas, ELL. Headsets w microphones 164.55

Jamie Koster, woods. 6 tool combo kit 499.00

Jamie Koster, woods. Electric pocket hole machine 449.00

Michelle Bruna, business. Cricut Air 2 and t shirt heat press 460.00

Michelle Bruna, business. Cinema screen for classroom 449.98

Additional Grants for Furniture Requests

Fallon Craig, 7-8 special ed. Flexible seating 180.57

Kim Miller, 4-6 special ed. Flexible seating 129.02

Erin Toole, 3-12 art. 5 Art Work Stations 534.95

Joy McClure, 3rd grade. Flexible seating 310.52

Nikki Goeckel. 3rd grade but moving to Kdg 601.19

Misty Baker, 4th grade. Flexible seating 431.69

Lisa Zabokrtsky, FACS. Semi-ergonomic classroom 700.00

Sonja Frager, first grade. Table and wobble chairs 643.00

Staci Peters, Kindergarten. 4 Trapezoid tables 672.56

Karen Hasker, English. Tables and chairs 700.00