As they have done for four years, the Washington County Endowment Board has awarded classroom grants.  The Endowment Board receives a $5000 donation from an individual on a yearly basis to be used to help teachers get “extra” items that can be used to enhance student learning.  This $5000 is usually supplemented with money from the Endowment Board as well.   

The Endowment Board has given a total amount of $27,434.61 in classroom grants since 2018!

This year’s grant recipients are:

Misty Baker, 4th grade – Sumdog subscription------------------------------------------------------------------- $290.00

Michelle Bruna, business – screen printer for t-shirt business---------------------------------------------- $245.00

Sonja Frager, first grade – leveled books to help with dyslexia students--------------------------------- $298.83

Tricia Gauby, first grade – morning activity boxes-------------------------------------------------------------- $170.20

N Goeckel and S Peters, Kdg – Oslo Starter Kits---------------------------------------------------------------$198.00

Donna Hobbs, HS math – 10 graphing calculators---------------------------------------------------------- $1244.90

Kdg/First grade teachers – Math Seeds, an online math supplemental program---------------------- $840.00

Jay Kearn, JH math/social studies – two bundles of online math activities------------------------------ $234.00

Jamie Koster, Industrial Arts – tool sharpening system------------------------------------------------------- $199.95

Andrea L’Ecuyer, 2nd grade – document camera-------------------------------------------------------------- $340.00

Joy McClure, 3rd grade – extra chapter books and math activities---------------------------------------- $262.88

Kim Miller, Interrelated classroom – items to help special ed students learn to read----------------- $121.89

Noreen Rundle, 2nd grade – Generation Genius subscription---------------------------------------------- $120.00

Romeiser, Smith, Tryon, bb coaches – variety of fitness items for PE/Sports-------------------------- $800.79

Tina Savage, HS science – wind turbine STEM kit------------------------------------------------------------ $284.00

Steve Wright, Title 1 and MTSS – large TV for group activity----------------------------------------------- $352.98

Annie Yungeberg, preschool – puzzles, manipulative items------------------------------------------------ $141.56

Lisa Zabokrtsky, FACS – desktop cutting machine------------------------------------------------------------ $599.99