Image of USD 108 school bus

Dan Ditmars, transportation director for USD 108,  has this to say about our wonderful bus drivers……You can rest easy knowing that all of our bus drivers are some of the best bus drivers in the state!  They are invested in the lives of their students and are truly an extension of the classroom.  I have seen firsthand how our drivers pick up students having a rough morning and make it their mission to turn their day around, before they even  walk into the school building!  To many of our students, our drivers are family, whether they are related or not. 

 If you happen to see one of our drivers let them know you appreciate what they do for this district and our students!  

USD 108 Bus drivers:

Mary Fuhrken          Tammy Gano

Joanna Novak          Paula Grace

Kevin Elder          Cindy Sawin

Greg Metz          Clay Owings

 Michelle Bruna          John Kern

Scott Romeiser          Richie Hill

Thanks for all you do!