WCHS Families and Community,

Thursday students in grades 7-12 viewed the award winning documentary, "Angst". The healthy and hopeful approach in Angst discusses the normal anxiety that happens with life and the tools to handle it. The documentary also discusses diagnosed anxiety and the difference between the two as well as when to know when to get help etc.. Teachers also viewed this documentary during inservice last week. 

Our district was allowed 500 views. I hope we use all of them.All of the 7-12 students had access until 3:00pm yesterday. After that, our views are opened up for parents/community members to view the movie until midnight on Friday, August 21st.. It lasts about one hour. Below is the access information that you need to watch "Angst". Please know that the documentary is recommended for students age 10 and above. Although, if you choose to have a younger student watch the movie, please watch it with them so you can discuss information that they may not fully understand. There is also additional discussion information on the site that you will have access to.

Thank you for working together to be Tiger Strong!
Angst access information:

The login to access the link is:
Login: wcs@indieflix.com
Password: wcs