A Message From Superintendent O'Dea

Dear USD 108 Families,

As of today, November 19, 2020, we have the following number of students affected by the coronavirus pandemic:

Grades 7-12:

  • 60 students currently quarantined/5 students currently positive/3 students recovered

  • 6 staff currently quarantined/1 staff recovered

Grades K-6

  • 8 students quarantined due to school exposure/ 20 students quarantined due to outside of school exposure/ 3 students positive/ 5 students recovered

  • 3 staff quarantined/ 1 staff recovered

When it is feasible, we have these students in “modified” quarantine at school, in an isolated location with staff who have also been quarantined.  Unfortunately, our quarantine list is growing so large and so rapidly that this is not a modification we will probably be able to continue unless we have some relief.

The school district wants nothing more than to have our students – YOUR students – at school on a daily basis so we can enjoy ALL that comes with a well-rounded education. We WANT our kids to participate in basketball, bowling, Scholar’s Bowl, FFA. etc.

However, with the recent surge in positive cases and the overwhelming number of students who are being quarantined for things outside of the school’s control, we are finding this difficult.  Currently BOTH the JH girls’ basketball team and the HS girls’ basketball team find themselves quarantined and unable to play or practice.

USD 108 is asking all our families that if you or a family member have been tested for the coronavirus, PLEASE STAY quarantined at home with your family until you receive your test results.  It is not helpful to the school if a parent (or sibling) has gotten tested, but continues to send their kids to school during the “waiting period”.

USD 108 continues to follow masking and cleaning protocols as were first established in July.  The BOE approved the purchase of $40,000 worth of air purifiers that will help with keeping the air clean in our schools.  These should be installed by December 10.  We work hard on a daily basis to be able to keep our kids in school, but we need everyone’s help.

Continue to mask up, hand sanitize, social distance, and if you or a family member is being tested, please remain at home until results are known.

Much appreciation,

Denise O’Dea

USD 108 Superintendent of Schools