In accordance with the guidance that KSHSAA Board of Directors passed on 12/8/20 and has given schools in Kansas, the Washington County Schools, The Twin Valley League, and the Blue Valley League will allow a maximum of two parents/guardians per participant (basketball player, cheerleader, dance team member, pep band, or student journalist).  This policy will be in place until January 28 or until schools receive further directives from KSHSAA. 

Both the TVL and the BVL have created master parent list that will be used when parents check in for games.  On this pass list are parents/guardians and spouses of parents/guardians in the event of a split family situation.

In split family situations it will be up to the ADULTS IN THE FAMILY to decide which two parents/guardians will be attending the game.  Additionally, no matter how many students you have participating, your family will only be allowed two parents/guardians into each event. There will be no tickets issued, just the parent/guardian pass list.  So, if a parent cannot make it at the last minute, no one else will be able to substitute in for the parents.  Siblings, grandparents, neighbors, aunts, uncles are not allowed.

Cost of admittance will be $3 per person for Junior High games and $5 per person for high school games.  Our Tiger Passes will work for HOME games. 

Cheerleaders and pep bands will be allowed at HOME events only.

Other changes:

  • Due to parents now being allowed at games, it will no longer be a league requirement to have a medical person in attendance at games.
  • Concession stands at Washington County Schools will be limited, but available.  Drinks, popcorn, and candy will be available.  We will allow concessions to be taken into the gyms, but PLEASE clean up after yourselves!  Our custodians do wear gloves to clean, but it is unfair to ask them to dispose of your trash after games.  Please be courteous.  Also, just a reminder that once you have consumed your concession stand items, you are to put your mask back on. 
  • Masks and temperature checks will still be required at all events.
  • Games will be live streamed either via NFHS, Facebook, or YouTube.  Please watch for announcements prior to each game as to how they will be broadcast

Thank you for your patience and understanding.  It is appreciated.  GO TIGERS!

Denise O’Dea