If you have not signed your child(en) up for Summer Meals and would like to please email lunch@usd108.org to sign up. Please include names and ages of children receiving meals, your name, address and phone number. If we have questions or need to get you further information we will call you. Remember this is only for children ages 1-18. If they are in PowerZone do not sign them up.

If you sign your child up for meals, then the expectation is that they will be eating their provided lunch that day at lunchtime. If they are at daycare, grandmas, etc. and are getting fed there then you do not need a meal that day. We hope this helps with some questions we have received. As always, you can call 785-325-2261 x 3 or email lunch@usd108.org with questions.

If you have questions, additional comments or need to make changes please email lunch@usd108.org. This email will be the preferred method of Summer Meal communication.