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The USD 108 Endowment Association is a not-for-profit group that was formed in 2003 and reorganized with different members and different member territories after the consolidation with the North Central district in 2006.  The board members are serving on a volunteer basis and receive no compensation for their time or work; with the goal to support the students and staff of USD 108 Washington County Schools,  they have certainly done that!   

The Endowment Association has been created to operate in connection with USD 108 to develop private funds which will enhance and stimulate the educational experience for students, faculty and staff in the school district.


  • Post-secondary scholarships to colleges, universities and vocational-technical schools to worthy USD 108 students.
  • Grants for educational projects throughout the USD 108 system.
  • Financial support to supplement the teaching resources available to instructors employed by USD 108.
  • Soliciting, accepting, receiving and administering contributions of funds or property to be invested and reinvested by the association to accomplish these and other goals for the Endowment Association.

Student Scholarships and classroom grants have been a major focus the last few years.  Student scholarships are awarded on a yearly basis with  a competitive application process initiated by the high school senior students.  Since 2003, the Endowment Association has awarded almost $94,000 worth of college scholarships to our very own students!  The Foundation has several named scholarships – Benne,  Huntley, and Mueller.  Named scholarships have certain requirements that must be met, one of which is at least a $25,000 donation to establish the fund. The Association also awards  Endowment scholarships which are various sources of funds contributed from interested families in furthering the education of students in our district.  If you are curious as to how named scholarships or any other scholarship is started, please contact a board member for details.

Classroom grants is the other financial support that is currently provided by the Endowment Association.  The Endowment Association has been awarding classroom grants since 2018. The classroom grants were initiated by an alumnus and started with a personal donation from this alumnus of $25,000.   The Endowment has added to that original donation and has provided  $34,387.96 in grant money for our teachers to purchase “extra” items for their classrooms.

The USD 108 Endowment Association does great work.  The members sincerely care about the education  - both current and post-graduate – for the students in USD 108.  Their work is generous and appreciated.

To learn more about the Endowment Association or how to donate to this worthy organization, please contact a board member. Or visit the USD 108 Washington County Schools website – www.usd108.org

  • Jerry Baker, Morrowville
  • Scott Bokelman, Washington
  • Ed Durst, Morrowville - Secretary
  • Mary Ann Crome, Washington
  • Jay Kearn, Washington
  • Deana L’Ecuyer, Morrowville - Treasurer
  • Dave Savage, Greenleaf – President
  • Bruce Simmons, Greenleaf
  • Larry Stoppel, Washington – Vice President
  • Denise O’Dea, superintendent, ex-officio member
  • Ali Busch, counselor, ex-officio member